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California Drought Makes Jack-O’-Lanterns, Corn Mazes Smaller

California Drought Makes Jack-O’-Lanterns, Corn Mazes Smaller

You can now add pumpkins to your list of victims of the California Drought, which has lasted since January. Pumpkin crops are ripening sooner this season, causing many to fear that prices will rise and the quality of the crop will suffer during this season Halloween. California is the second largest producer of pumpkins in the country, behind Illinois.

Pumpkin farmers have had to pump extra water…

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NASA Confirms September 2014 as Hottest since 1880

NASA Confirms September 2014 as Hottest since 1880

According to a NASA monthly report, September 2014 was the warmest month to date, going back more than 130 years. During September, the global average temperature was 1.38 degrees F above the historical average, calculated using data ranging from 1951–1980.

September was hottest month

This follows an August that had the same results, being the hottest August in recorded history. While there is some disagreement about the…

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15 Ways to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly

15 Ways to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly

There are more ways to make your home eco-friendly than solar panels and temperature-regulating walls. An environmentally responsible home not only saves you money, but saves the earth too. Here are some ways to make your home more environmentally friendly.

eco-friendly house

1)   Use CFL light bulbs. It will save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions if you trade in just 1 incandescent bulb for 1 CFL bulb.

2)  …

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U.S. to Invest in Asian Clean Energy Boom

U.S. to Invest in Asian Clean Energy Boom

Earlier this month it was reported that an astounding $175 billion was spent globally on renewable energy projects during the first three business quarters, with Chinese investment in solar resources at a record high. China isn’t the only Asian country that is dedicated to investing in clean energy; Japan is reportedly the second-biggest solar market. With this palpable shift in focus on clean…

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5 Numbers that Address the Need for Immediate Climate Change Action

5 Numbers that Address the Need for Immediate Climate Change Action http://www.environmental-watch.com/2014/10/08/5-numbers-address-need-immediate-climate-change-action

Climate change has been a hot-button topic for a while now, but it has been generating a lot of buzz as of late. Although there are obviously other numbers that can be pulled from myriad outlets about how we are quickly falling into global warming, below are five of the most shocking. When all are put together on one page, it’s astounding how much more urgent the need for political and social…

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Blue Whale Population Slowly Recovers off California Coast

Blue Whale Population Slowly Recovers off California Coast

For decades, blue whales inhabiting the US west coast waters were slowly going extinct from years of hunting. The blue whale, also known as the Balaenoptera musculus, the largest animal on the planet, saw devastation in its population because of whaling.

The incredible creatures grow to nearly 100 feet and weigh more than 160 tons; they are more than twice as large as the biggest land dinosaurs…

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Hundreds of North American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change

Hundreds of North American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change

Half of all the bird species in North America are at risk of a severe population decline by 2080 if the quick moving pace of global warming continues. The National Audubon Society found data in a recent study that yielded troubling new predictions for the North American bird population. The study was led by chief Audubon scientist Gary Langham who examined more than 500 bird species and…

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MIT Study Examines Greener Methods for Making Concrete

MIT Study Examines Greener Methods for Making Concrete

Consider this: concrete is the most widely used construction material on the planetand its production accounts for roughly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, a fascinating new study from MIT reports that these carbon emissions could be cut in half while creating a stronger and longer-lasting concrete. The findings come from the most detailed examination of the molecular structure of…

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Leo DiCaprio Honored for Work in Environmental Initiatives

Leo DiCaprio Honored for Work in Environmental Initiatives

Last weekend, actor Leonardo DiCaprio accepted the Clinton Global Citizen Award in New York for his environmental efforts. DiCaprio accepted the award from World Wildlife Fund CEO Carter Roberts, and reportedly urged the public to donate to environmental causes in his acceptance speech.

“Now more than ever nature needs a voice. Leonardo DiCaprio is that voice,” Roberts said. The actor has been…

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PlantLab Promises Efficient and Sustainable “Vertical Farms”

Agribusiness, the high-tech industry concerned with agricultural produce and services required in farming, has been faced with a problem for years: how to effectively feed the increasing number of people around the globe in the future. The problem lies in the fact that a greater population of people mean the need for more food to eat and places to live, which in turn requires more raw materials…

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